Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Wildflowers Conclusion

The children and I went hiking several days ago on the property just to the south of us. I had gotten permission from the landowner last week when I was fervently looking for morel mushrooms. No mushrooms were found but many wildflowers were spotted. His property isn't as heavily grazed as ours and had some wonderful land formations such as deep gullies and waterfalls down towards the lake that both of our properties border.

MARCH2012 060
The children played and searched for tadpoles.

The little stream we followed led me to find a flower that I had never knowingly observed before.
MARCH2012 080
Yellow Fumewort

MARCH2012 083
I took this picture of the leaves to help me identify later.

This little plant was growing very near the water. I thought I had better get a picture of the stem and leaves for the purpose of identifying later.

MARCH2012 091
Violet Wood Sorrel

The toadflax that my youngest is holding is one of my favorite wildflowers, but again, I have many.

MARCH2012 072

Of course there were many other wildflowers that were blooming that I did not include. I've got pictures of dandelion, bladderpod, and more. But currently, due to life in general ie lack of time, I'm not able to include all of what I've found. I will continue to post pics and show many though, just not all.
My husband and I did a bit of hiking yesterday and I noticed that the spiderwort, yarrow, rudbeckia, and tickseed will soon be blooming. I'm sure I'll be posting pictures of these during my April Wildflowers post.
Have a wonderful Sunday and rest of week!