Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Departure Day/ Field Trip

This morning we were up before dawn.
Tim borrowed a truck from a friend and also the friend's gooseneck trailer. We have a truck but no gooseneck trailer attachment. We have a trailer, but not near large enough for all the broads and their offspring. We are blessed with some very generous people in our lives.

Speaking of blessed, this is the blessed day that the huge, pasture-plodding bovines will depart...yahoo!!!
I've looked forward to this day since they set hoof on our place back fall!
Of course we learned a lot from these gals and their babies regarding beef cattle.
I posted an entry here regarding tagging and vaccinating calves.
And I'm thankful for the foreseeable profit that will probably go to a much-needed ATV,...but in all honesty, this day couldn't have come sooner.
Needless to say, although, I'm gonna say it, I won't miss them at all.

Good-bye Tuff-Stuff! You were a lot of trouble but probably the best momma-cow we had! I will not miss your wild ways nor odor! I will not miss running through the neighbor's pasture to try and get you and your troublesome calf back into ours. Adios!

And Tata to you Mother Gothal! You were the bully of the bunch. And that's really all I've got...Good-bye.

This will be a fieldtrip for the kids and their dad.
They're heading to the Oklahoma City Stockyards.

I think he'll be treating them to the locally famous Cattleman's Steakhouse there.
I'll be treating myself to frozen yogurt in town later today.
And I'll be smiling as I remember the last I saw of those bovine broads as they exited our property.

So that's that!
Next project??? Bottle calves and goats...it's never-ending folks.

Happy trails to you, Julie