Monday, August 9, 2010

What Can it Mean???

We have chickens, young females (pullets) that are approximately four and a half months old.
Three are White Rocks and three are Gold Sexlinks.
One of the White Rocks is much more vocal than all the other chickens.
Whenever I go into the coop to feed, she starts cackling noisily and making a screeching noise whereas the others keep up their tock, tock, tock as they steadily feed or meander around. Occasionally, one of the Sexlinks will quickly run over to the noisy chicken and give her a quick peck as if to say, "Pipe down!"
This morning while we were out by the garden working with the ponies, my husband and I heard a great commotion coming from the coop. I quickly started for the coop to see what was the matter. My husband shouted to me that it may be a snake causing the chickens to fuss and be careful.
When I got to the coop, the lone, noisy White Rock chicken was the only one in the coop. She was perched on one of the roosts, flapping her wings, and cackling noisily. I walked in and looked around for any sign of an intruder but none was to be seen.
Hmmm, what could it all mean???
Later, while we were eating breakfast, I called a good friend that has raised chickens for ages.
I asked her about my obnoxious little chicken, trying to get some insight into her odd behavior.
The friend asked me several questions concerning the overall health of the bird and then said she may just be a very vocal bird.
"A very vocal bird?"
Surely, there had to be more.
But my friend laughed at me and said I may be reading more into the chicken's behavior than what was really there.
((Gasp!)) Me...reading more into the situation than what is really there...surely not!
I mean, I guess it's possible. I have been told I tend to over analyze things...think too much.
And by the way, have you ever noticed the first four letters of the word analyze are anal.
Hmmm, I'm gonna stop there.
The end...
And if any of you happen to have some input on my overly vocal bird, I would appreciate it!
Curious and Analytical in OK,


CrossView said...

Anal. BWAHAHAHA! Thank you. I will never get that out of my head now. ROFL!

We have one, too. And it's white. Very verbose.

Brownie said...

Hi - just followed on over from Crossview's page. I like your writing and I love your pictures!

Just commenting about odd chickens. When I was in 5th grade we had the science experiment of incubating and hatching a chicken egg. The class was successful and the chicken lived and thrived. Then we needed to find a home for it. I lived on a farm, I took it home.

It was an odd chicken. It was confused. It layed eggs - so it must have been female. But it also crowed. So Dad said it was either a chicken who crowed or a rooster who layed eggs.

Or maybe it was an overly vocal female bird.

I never noticed the first four letters of analyze before - excellent observation!

Melissal89 said...

Sorry Julie, I can't be of any help about the chicken. Even though I grew up on a farm, we never had chickens. I can think of a great Bible lesson though for that chattery chicken!!

Blessings, Melissa

Melissal89 said...

Forgot to say that I know a thing or too about that "anal"yze word too! You're in good company.

Julie... said...

Cross View - Wow, so you have a chatty chicken, too. Is she a good layer? I am so lookin' forward to fresh eggs!
Brownie - Thanks so much for clicking over and for your kind words :-)!
I loved your quote, "It was an odd chicken. It was confused." Hilarious story!
Melissa - LOL, just one more way we're alike, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Dear Curious,
Your predicament seems to be predictable. I suggest you fry the chicken up and have her for Sunday lunch.
Mr. Solution Man!

Jenn4him said...

Fried chicken does taste really good! (hee,hee)