Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sharing a Few Photos

It's about the light

My favorite time to take pictures is either early morning or in the evening.

august2011 097

The three pictures that I've posted here were all taken just a little after sunrise when the sunlight is still soft and the backlighting seems to cause a bit of a glow around the subject.

july2011 035

Our county fair is this week. Last night the girls rode their ponies in the 4H Junior Horse Show. They both did very well.

All three children will be showing their calves on Friday. It will be the first time that they've all shown in the same event. And it will be the first time our youngest will show.

I entered several photos.
But the competition is stiff.
We shall see.

august2011 222

This last photo was taken after a thunderstorm we had recently. Did you notice the lightning in the background? That was neat to capture.

I didn't enter any of these and will find out how I did tomorrow regarding the entered photos.

As a family we all look forward to this week but are so glad when it's behind us!

Blessings, Julie


Eyebright said...

Beautiful pictures! I can't wait to hear how you all do! I thought about entering some photos this year, but as you say the competition is very stiff! Maybe next year. :)

Brownie said...

You have so much beauty in your photos. They look peaceful and haunting and the same time.

Timothy Snider said...

Husband here bragging on wifey. When she says above that these photos are the ones she 'didn't enter' I thought: "Wow, but those are pretty good." Well: I got an early peek tonight at how she did. She got 3 1sts (one was a Grand Champion selection) and a 4th (and maybe one more placing) out of 6-7 categories entered.

Husband here bragging on husband: I got 1st place prairie hay!!!

Julie... said...

Tim, You're so funny.
Thanks for going through the exhibit hall for us and seeing how we did, we couldn't wait until tomorrow. Congratulations on your prairie hay win. We're all proud of you and I'm sure if Bella, Rabbit, Strawberry, and Trixie could they would congratulate you too :-)!
Love ya, Julie

Jenn4him said...

Way to go!!! I am sure they were awesome. :-)