Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Here at the Farm

We've accumulated quite the menagerie.
There are the Boer goats.
They must be exercised for the fair!

So we pull  walk them up to the beginning of our driveway, line them up and then scream like a bunch of banshees to get them to run back towards the barn. We repeat this a couple of hundred times except for the screaming like a bunch of banshees because the goats are on to us now and usually just trot a few yards and commence to eating the dried-up oak leaves. It sounds like they're eating potato chips.
Anyway we have someone stand down near the barn with a food container now, it works.

The horses are being readied for the fair also.

And let's not forget our bovine friends, they'll be shown at the fair also.

Some days the time and effort can be a bit much. But really the pay-off is that the time and effort involved is helping to teach our children about responsibility. We're also instilling in them a realistic view of what it takes to keep animals healthy and properly maintianed.
I'm hoping they'll look back on these busy days fondly.

In other news, my boy was baptized a couple of weeks ago! We're rejoicing.

Blessings to you and yours, Julie


Jennifer Hoots said...

Awesome on the baptism!!! Yes, they will look back on this time with fondness. I spent two years on a farm, one raising a calf to take to the fair. I didn't get to show her, because my parents split up. Still makes me sad that I put all the work into halter training her! They'll love you for the wonderful time in their lives.

Timothy said...

I wish blogger had "Like" buttons. That way I could press it, and not have to comment to say "Like." Given that there isn't one that I can find, here is my official "LIKE"

Twisted said...

I can't remember the verse, I painted it once on a plaque for my parents, it said something like... "It is a wonderful feeling to know that your children belong to the Lord." Tell him, welcome to the family for us.