Thursday, February 3, 2011

And About That Snowstorm

It snowed here...a lot.
Twelve plus inches with wonderfully tall snowdrifts.
The university where Tim works is closed, which absolutely never happens.
It has been for three days straight...wonders never cease.
The temperatures have been unbearably cold. Last night it dipped several degrees below zero. Our highs have been in the single digits up until today.
My poor Buff Orpington rooster, Mr. Incredible, suffered frostbite on his comb which means no Grand Champion ribbon at the county fair for him.
I still regret I didn't name him Larry Boy (long sigh).
Rooster names are fun to come up with.
Here are a few photos I would like to share.

This is Sammo's puppy.
She loves the snow.
Tippy-toe in the Snow

This is the gate that leads to the pasture.
Out to Pasture

I think bones are interesting, beautiful subjects for photos, and I keep many of the bones we find out here. I have another cow skull on the porch that the dogs drug up in the pasture.
And last year they brought us a beaver skull. It's in the school room.
I enjoy taking it to Sunday School also, especially when we have a lesson on creation.
Cow Skull on Corral Fence

When the storm blew in Monday night, the wind gusted up to forty-five mph at times and kept it up throughout the night and through Tuesday evening. We literally had blizzard-like conditions...something usually very alien to us.
Our cellar lies under these drifts.
Ok Snow Drifts - 2/1/11

Much of Central Oklahoma's roads look like this right now.
We haven't seen much traffic.
Snow Covered Country Road

And here is some wonderfully striated patterning in the snow caused by the wind! I love the contrasts in shadowing and light.
February 1, 2011 Snow

I took this Tuesday evening after the storm.
It's a phenomenon known as a sun pillar.
You can go here to read the explanation for it.
Sun Pillar - February 1, 2011

Well, that's a wrap.
Gotta go feed some hungry people, it's my job.
And clean the kitchen...and watch the weather while I'm at it...and hope...and even prayer for an early Spring.
Blessings, Julie


Jenn4him said...

I am hoping and praying for that early spring, too. Lovely photos of your storm. I am glad this is behind us now, although it was fun having daddy home for a couple days.

Wendy said...


Your photos are just beautiful, great compositions. Love the wind patterns on the snow. It's a delight to visit your blog!

T. Chris said...

Julie you have a really good eye for photography! I saw your blog through Nikki's FaceBook account and had to come visit. I recently started blogging to provide me a place to put my pics and videos from hunting and fishing trips. I hope you and Tim and doing well. Looks like you have a beautiful family. Stay warm through this cold snap!

Chris Smith (formerly from Hobart, now somewhere in the DFW area)

Brownie said...

Pretty snow pictures. Don't you just love how the wind sculpts the snow?

CrossView said...

Wow! Great shots! And the best part? Since I hate snow, I can see the beauty of it through your pics and never have to deal with the temps! :O)

And - not that you asked - the cow skull is my favorite!

Eat, Fart and Bark said...

About your roosters comb. It might be an old wives tale, but I rub vasoline on their combs. It seems to help insulate,or it just collects enough straw and wood shavings to insulate their little heads. :-) We have three heat lamps in the coop. The ducks (I think) spread a lot of hay on the floor and made themselves a nice nest under a lamp. Can't wait 'til spring, too. You still praying about our idea?

Franbles said...

Thanks for your visit! Appreciate your kind comments. I only really speak English, have some French and can understand bits of 3 or so other languages and tell people I can't speak their language!
We've got slightly warmer weather at the moment, but it is very dull. Overall I prefer sunshine even if that means below zero (Centigrade). Snow is so amazing to look at and so difficult to live in! Beautiful photos.
God bless you!

50 Chubby Toes said...

Hi Julie, I love your last post title, 'Pupsicle' how perfect! The sun pillar photo you took is absolutely beautiful! Stay Warm * Blessings, EMichelle