Sunday, February 20, 2011

Looking Ahead

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We have a small spring behind the house.
When we bought the house a little over five years ago, it was described to us as a "frog pond."
But it is a natural spring.
And it's just a short walk from our back porch.
Many mornings I enjoy getting outside early in order to get some pictures while the light is good.

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I enjoy taking pictures at dawn and dusk, it's about the light a lot of times for me.
The spring is all dried up right now as we've been experiencing drought-like conditions here.

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But the rains will come soon, as they always do, and provide the much needed water.

There Will  Be Showers of Blessings

Bella & Trixie in the Rain

The rains will come and warmer weather.
Dragonflies and butterflies will return!

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The flowers will bloom once again!

Oh! Happy Faces, I long for you!

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The cicadas, clothed in humble dull cases, will crawl from the earth.
And then they'll emerge anew, winged, to fly from bough to bough chorusing from the tree-tops!

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I'm yearning for Spring and all her promises...I'm looking ahead.

Spring is also about new beginnings.
Our family is about to begin a new journey with the guidance of our Lord.

He is faithful, He is trustworthy,...I'm looking ahead!
Blessings! Julie

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CrossView said...

I shall rename this post "Hope" in my head. :O)