Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Announcement

This may stun many of you and for that I apologize.
But for the past year something has been weighing heavy on me.
This past winter I finally figured it out after many sleepless nights with great abdominal discomfort.
Here goes...
I've become lactose intolerant ((sigh)).
This isn't easy and for those that cry, "Tolerance, Tolerance!", let me just say this wasn't of my choosing!!!
I'm a milk lover...and let's not forget about cheese, the other food group of which I'm a huge fan.
And may I add that paying high prices for lactose free milk stinks!
The kids are told not to touch it! We have something semi-precious in the fridge and sadly it ain't chocolate ((sigh)).
So other than her jowls, I've also inherited something else from my Grandma.

                          I love this old photograph! I was only around seven or eight years old.
I can remember her telling me in her precious southwest Oklahoma accent, "I just can't drink milk anymore, I blow up!" I understand now, Grandma.
As I'm growing older there is so much more that I understand and relate to...but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
Middle-aged and lactose intolerant,


Jenn4him said...

How about some of those tablets, Lactaid, I think they are called? I would call myself lactose sensitive. I am probably on my way to intolerant. Boo hoo!

Jade said...

Aw I'm sorry to hear this!
You will adjust to it...even though it's frustrating to not be able to eat something you'd like.

timothymatters said...

I know. So many thing we have to watch as these bodies fade from the former glory... (heavy sigh). Of course, some of us had less glory to begin with, but you get the idea. :)

Steve said...

Julie, sorry to hear that. I love watermelon but when I turned 40, I started choking up and losing my voice. Maybe that's a blessing.

I'll make you a deal. You eat watermelon for me and I'll drink milk for you.

Good post.

Brownie said...

I'm sorry! It's such a bugger to have to start going without stuff we like. I've never been much of a milk drinker - probably because it's always made me a bit uncomfortable.

I think as we age our bodies just get weird. I have an arthritic back and the only thing that really works is a lot of ibuprofen - but if I take a lot my ankle swells, but if I don't take a lot my back hurts. So I did discover if I really cut out the salt - I can take more ibuprofen. SIGH!!

HEy! this is the way it is.... and doesn't it make Heaven all the sweeter? :)

Eat, Fart and Bark said...

Hey Julie, Hang in there. I know it is tough to limit loved food from your diet. I was 30 when this ole Okie was told to quit eating wheat, oats, rye and barley (Celiac Sprue). It can be tough. Your body will thank you, though. Let's sit down to cheese pizza and a tall glass of milk when we get to heaven. Hugs.
p.s. I'll try to send you some sites for lactose free foods and recipes.

Eat, Fart and Bark said...,,, and

hope these give you some great info.