Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life Around The Farm As Of Late


We're really liking this Botany unit! This morning the kids and I found mosses and lichen specimens on a short walk around the house. We came back in and they drew and colored the finds to put in a notebook that each of them have started for our Botany unit.


Another beautiful moth took up temporary residence in our barn. This time a Luna Moth.


As you can tell by the long worn hindwings, this moth has seen better days and is probably close to death. We measured its wingspan and it was a little over four and a half inches.
After taking this photo, there was another Luna Moth in the barn just a couple of days later.


Yesterday morning a Summer Tanager was flitting about in the oak trees behind the house and I was able to get a quick photo. We've never seen them this early in the Spring and were pleased to get a glimpse of him.

My husband went to one of the local sale barns yesterday morning and purchased our first bottle calf of the Spring.
My oldest child had first pick of the calves this Spring and she named him Raymond.


These past few days have brought horribly violent weather to the east and northeast of us. Tornadoes and flashfloods have brought devastation and death. Please remember those in your prayers that have lost loved ones and homes.

Blessings, Julie


Jenn4him said...

Enjoyed the photos. Have you all read Gene Stratton Porter's Girl of the Limberlost? Lots of moths in that book! What a sweet calf. How often does he get fed? And I've never had the pleasure to see a Tanager in person. That's awesome. Yes, this violent spring has been trying. It's so sad. Glad you are OK.

Jade said...

Enjoying these lovely photos!
The botany unit looks like fun.
I will keep those who are suffering from violent weather & loss in my prayers. It is very sad and scary. :(

Blessings to you as well and enjoy your art class!
I have taken a little break from visual art and am anxious to go back to it again.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

We're aware of the terrible storms, and our son has just been praying for those affected at our family worship.

The photos are all lovely, but oh my.... what a gorgeous calf. See the shine in his beautifully coloured hair.... Loreal would be proud of the colour and shine. Adorable!

timothymatters said...

Yes, that is a beautiful calf.
BTW, I wrote a piece on my blog that might be useful to your bug unit... if you have one. :)

Eat, Fart and Bark said...

Great pictures. Didn't know there was a bird that red besides the cardinal. I'll have to look twice at the one waking me up in the morning.
Herogian will look forward to any chance we can get him there. We'll see how he likes this Jr. Vet program in MO, first. Tim might want to head up a Jr. Vet camp there on campus. Great income for the school, advertisement for the career. Just a thought!
We got a new dog. You'll have to check out his picture.