Monday, July 25, 2011

High Drama on the Farm

Yesterday morning we woke up.
It's been hot, really hot, consistently hot for far too long.
And dry, really dry, consistently dry for far too long.
We're in a drought.
So wisely we try and get all the animals taken care of early before it's unbearably hot.
Walking back from feeding the calves at the barn, I gazed out at the pasture.
It was one of those "what's wrong with this picture" type of gazes.
I looked hard trying to make out why the two full-size horses looked larger than usual and why they were head-to-head?!


Why...that wasn't Bella and Rabbit out there, but two very large and very full-size bulls!
I quickly assessed that the red bull was from the pasture to the south of us and the black one from the pasture to the north of us.


I guess they had gotten a bit bored and decided to meet in the middle and have their own version of UFC Championships. And these guys would definitely fit into the heavyweight class!
And NO, I have never watched UFC fighting (we don't get cable). Everything I know about it I've heard from my sister and her family.

I added the butterfly (borrowed the idea from The Pioneer Woman) to alleviate the cringe- factor in my more
citified friends.

Back to the bulls, the red one seem to have more attitude and strength going for it and ultimately won the championship round and herded the black bull back over to the fence from where he had come from.


A couple of little upstarts (probably the black bulls progeny) ran over to the fence to check things out.


Words were probably said that shouldn't have been said and the red bull sent them packin'.


So what have we learned from all this?
1. Build better fences
2. But then even really great fences will not always keep trouble out.
3. And sometimes livin' on a farm isn't all it's cracked up to be.
You take the good with the I mean bad.


Speaking of bull and lots of it. And please excuse the cowboy vernacular, but we've sorta seen more than our fair share of "bull" this past year. Too much really. But we know that for whatever reason we've been allowed to travel this wearisome road as of late, it will work towards the Glory of the Lord and bring us closer to the heart of our dear Saviour. The choice was mediocrity, the world's offerings, or move forward with the Lord. Moving forward meant taking a stand and becoming unpopular. Interestingly that seems to be the path we're on, the race we're running if you will. Anyone that has ever run a marathon knows it can be grueling, but the prize is so worth it!
Character building takes fire.
It's good to be back,

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Jenn4him said...

Oh my! I am so glad your horse seemed so unaffected! Glad it all worked itself out. I could see you having to get help or something. Yes, better fences, maybe with electricity? And wow, you've been hot and dry a long time. I keep praying for you all in OK. said...

Yes! Electricity would be good. Thanks for butterfly, your citified friends do appreciate it! :)

BTW, before I became a Christian, my favorite word did have the word "bull" in it. It was so perfect for describing so many things. I think the Apostle Paul might have used it in Philippians had he been a Texan. As in"I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish." The Greek there is strong enough to use the Texas version... but alas, our Christian sensibilities prevent me from using it today.

OK, how is that for worthless information?

Sally said...

Timothyjhammons doesn't need the Greek there in Philippians - the king's English (KJV) says "dung". Same thing. :)

Julie, I am LOL'ing at the butterflies. Thanks for the giggles. I am a citified girl, but I have a biology major. I can handle it.

SO glad to see you back. :) ((hug))

Homeschool on the Croft said...

The butterflies made me laugh :)

Doesn't that gorgeous horse look even more lovely and elegant beside that pair of... of... mighty big bulls!

Glad you're back.... hope things are ok in ok..
A x