Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Honesty, It's Such a Lonely Word

Honesty, It's Such a Lonely Word   ~Billy Joel~

The second Republican Presidential Nominees Debate was aired last night.
We were at Boy Scouts and 4H.
And besides we don't subscribe to cable television so we couldn't have watched it even if we had been at home. What about online? Fuhgeddaboudit!!! Our internet provider just doesn't provide that much band width, power, umph...whatever. I try to only talk about what I know. And I know not the inner workings of internet provider service and lingo. Suffice it to say, we can rarely watch a youtube video unless it's midnight or four in the morning. I may have exaggerated a bit there and so sorry as this post is about honesty after all.

Anyway, getting back to my original point, there was a debate last night. And from what I've read thus far it was all about, "Let's dog-pile the top dog and throw out lots of innuendo so that the American public will be distracted and he'll spend all of his debate time defending himself!"
I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm so disgusted with this status quo, politics as usual behavior. While there were some that didn't join in with the rest and I'm sure their particular views weren't questioned as they don't make for good "TV." The majority of the debate seemed to be (from what I've read) discrediting and bashing the understood frontrunner. How are we supposed to trust these people if they keep resorting to sound bites and scare tactics? Please give me the truth. I can handle it.
Do you remember Joe Wilson? You know, the South Carolina congressman that had stomached enough propaganda during a speech given by Obama early on in his presidency and shouted, "You lie!" Congressman Wilson merely did what so many of us feel compelled to do when we've had enough.
While I know there are no perfect debates in politics, I desire that these guys/gals would voice their stances on social and fiscal issues without being maliciously maligned by their peers. A civil dialogue if you will where these social servants could defend their past decisions albeit bad ones without a fellow politician manipulatively throwing out remarks that aren't true.

((Sigh)) I'll stop there. I just needed to vent a bit.

Blessings, Julie


timothyjhammons.com said...

I agree. They should stick to attack Obama, and putting forth their policies and beliefs instead of attacking one another. But alas, it's politics... not the church and we know nothing like that ever happens in the ... well...

Julie... said...

Timothy, yes it is stereotypical politics-as-usual behavior. And regarding church...well, lets' just say there were definitely a few times last spring that I nearly pulled a Joe Wilson!

timothyjhammons.com said...

I have pulled some Joe Wilson's over the past six months. Those who heard, were those who were hearing already. Those who needed to hear continue on in their darkness and death.

BTW, the church tried to hire two different candidates to fill the pulpit and both said "no thanks." The sad reality is that the simply said, "well back to square 1" without a moment of reflection as to why two different candidates would say "no thanks" in an economy where jobs and pulpits are so scarce. Another sad reality is that the church is far worse off now that it was just six months ago. The people who wanted me to be the pastor are now beginning to check out the life boats on this sinking ship. All this will be left is the rat pack and a few others. Hardly a church at that point.

timothyjhammons.com said...

BTW, I love your banner! :)