Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Frost!

firstfrostoctober2011 116

I woke up this morning and noticed God had dressed the pasture with jewels.
What was just green yesterday, now sparkled and radiated with trillions of fractured light.
I had to get out there!
It was cold but I suited up appropriately, grabbed the camera, and rushed out with a, "Please don't let the cows out until I've come back!"
I'm afraid of them, the big mommas, that is. There are five of them now and they wouldn't blink an eye at mowin' me down. In fact I think it would make them happy, give them some sort of satisfaction in knowing they were able to fight back against the establishment! Their cloven hooves can't hold a protest sign so they'll take whatever victories they can get.
And of course my imagination is getting away with me.

firstfrostoctober2011 075

So once I'm out and surrounded by an abundance of frost laden flora, I click away!

firstfrostoctober2011 055

It's at times like these that the wonderment of childhood returns.
And where does that go anyway???

firstfrostoctober2011 108

Sad. Sad, that as we grow older we desire so much of the unlovely.
Hmmm, Heaven, I believe the wonder of childhood and awe in seeing things with new eyes will return.

firstfrostoctober2011 014

Until then, I'll be looking for those sweet glimpses of wonder here and know that so much more awaits!

Seeing Him and His loveliness in the simple,

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Jenn4him said...

A first frost! You sure get the highs and lows in OK. We've not had our frost yet, although, it's been colder and wet lately. I love that picture of the daisy. I am glad you got out with your camera. I'd be afraid of the cows, too.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh boy! These photos are absolutely stunning. There's nothing nicer than a sunny morning and frost... gorgeous :)