Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Frost!

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I woke up this morning and noticed God had dressed the pasture with jewels.
What was just green yesterday, now sparkled and radiated with trillions of fractured light.
I had to get out there!
It was cold but I suited up appropriately, grabbed the camera, and rushed out with a, "Please don't let the cows out until I've come back!"
I'm afraid of them, the big mommas, that is. There are five of them now and they wouldn't blink an eye at mowin' me down. In fact I think it would make them happy, give them some sort of satisfaction in knowing they were able to fight back against the establishment! Their cloven hooves can't hold a protest sign so they'll take whatever victories they can get.
And of course my imagination is getting away with me.

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So once I'm out and surrounded by an abundance of frost laden flora, I click away!

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It's at times like these that the wonderment of childhood returns.
And where does that go anyway???

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Sad. Sad, that as we grow older we desire so much of the unlovely.
Hmmm, Heaven, I believe the wonder of childhood and awe in seeing things with new eyes will return.

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Until then, I'll be looking for those sweet glimpses of wonder here and know that so much more awaits!

Seeing Him and His loveliness in the simple,

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Don't Know Nothin' 'Bout Birthin' Calves!

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Just right up front I gotta say that I really don't have much to say.
Well other than we're outrageously busy around here with old mother cows
'bout to birth babies, the rest of the critters, 4-H, educatin' kids, choir, scouts, getting ready for a craft show, and numerous and other sundry stuff.
Probably just like your homestead, huh?

october2011 007

And regarding the big old cows birthin' babies...we're excited! We've never experienced this part of the whole cattle scene before. Well, I should probably correct myself there. Tim has.
He's delivered many a calf. I was there for some of them. One of our premarital discussions over money took place while Tim was performing a c-section on a heifer. Imagine if you will, little ole me pouring a bucket of antiseptic solution over a huge gaping incision that Tim had just pulled a calf through and moi asking rather nonchalantly, " Are we going the route of joint checking accounts or seperate?" You got the picture. And that's really the way our lives have rolled ever since!

Have a wonderful week!
Blessings, Julie

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tim Tebow: A Book Recommendation

Yesterday evening I finished a book.

Tim Tebow's "Through My Eyes" was an interesting read, although I must confess that I did resort to skimming through much of the play-by-play paragraphs. The book will never be a huge literary classic and many won't read it as Tebow's vocal Christian beliefs on and off the field of football naturally offend.

Of course I must mention that it isn't just his belief system and fame that caused me to gravitate towards reading his memoirs but that he was homeschooled. I guess that really shouldn't come as any surprise coming from a conservative Christian, homeschooling mom. Honestly, the search for God-honoring role models in a society where too many Christians have given into the lure of the world and it's norms can be a bit tough.

I'm proud of Tebow and even prouder of his parents. They didn't give in to convenience, an easier road, and their own selfish desires but sought the Lord's plan for their family.

I highly recommend this book for boys and young men. Tim Tebow's top-notch work ethic and gut-level honesty shine through brilliantly!

Oh,...and I just wanted to add that in the past I too was a bit put-off by Tebow's crying on the field and sidelines, but after reading the book, I've found that I understand that it's more about a healthy release of emotions.

This article was an interesting read regarding Tebow's crying in public:

Researchers Use Tim Tebow in Study Defending Crying in Football

The last chapter of the book had a quote that pretty much summed up why I think I like this book so much:

"There have always been people saying that I couldn't do something, starting with that Mindanao doctor who said that I couldn't be born, but through it all, there's only been one voice that mattered. And I could hear Him loud and clear."
~ Tim Tebow: Through My Eyes ~ (page 256)

I know, I know, unusual post for me. But I have a son that is quickly growing more aware of the world around him. He became a Believer just this past August, PTL! And so I feel it is my duty to search out those that can be positive role models in the field of sports as my little guy is becoming more knowledgeable and interested.

Blessings, Julie