Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Compulsive Need to Share

These past few months have been but a blur!
It seems that since the end of summer our family has been catapulted forward at an alarming speed!!!
And this "old mama" is resisting every chance I get.
I'm not a go-with-the-flow type person. I am an extreme type-A personality that needs lotsa routine and stay-at-home time and I've been robbed I tell ya...ROBBED!
First of all let's get something straight. I'm shy or maybe introverted may be a better word...really.
I was talking with a fellow 4H mom at a meeting this past January and confessed this. She started laughing and looked at me incredulously and said, "Julie, I refuse to believe that!" I gasped at her doubting words and replied, "Really, I am! It's just that I'm very opinionated and feel strongly compelled to speak my mind!"  With all sincerity, I then added, "I hate to draw attention to myself!" She responded by proceeding to giggle uncontrollably and shaking her head back-and-forth.
I couldn't believe it!
She obviously was not taking me seriously!!!

And to add insult to injury the 4H leader, who by-the-way is half my age, turned and "shhhhed!!!" me.
Okay, okay, so there were children giving demonstration speeches and people trying to listen but you gotta understand I felt very misunderstood!

So after the meeting, while visiting a bit more with friends, and speaking with the 4H leader regarding some upcoming events, I tattled on my friend. That's right, I told our trusty, young 4H leader (ok, ok,...I confess she isn't as young as half my age) that it was my friend's fault for the disruption because I had been trying to convince her that I was shy and didn't like attention.
To which the TY 4H leader started laughing and walked off...while my friend snickered and muttered, "Shy,...yeah, right."
I have no idea why I just shared that with you???

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Happy Valentine's Day!
Shy, Reserved, & in denial, Julie


Anonymous said...

It's always the quiet ones you have to look out for! ;-)

I wish we ran in more circles together, I'd love to get to know you better, we sound a lot alike (minus the introvert part) lol

Maybe when life slows down enough to take a breath? LOL


Jennifer Hoots said...

Well, now I know why I like you so much. I am quiet and introverted, too! :-)

Twisted said...

That was a great Valentine's Day laugh. If you were shy and introverted, you never would have met 2 families who live 100 miles from you for a field trip. I'm so glad you aren't shy and introverted like I am. :-)

Brownie said...

Very funny - but I get it.

I tell people that I'm not sociable - and I get laughs.

Really - I'm not sociable. It's just that on the occasions that I am out and about I have revved myself up to be "out there".

I think being introverted is a perspective - not a disability. I'm not sure if that's related - but I like the sound of it. lol!