Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Wildflowers

March is such an exciting time in the world of nature!
The earth seems to wake up and don the most exquisite shades of green.
Migratory birds are passing through and many stop to make this home and raise a brood of chicks or two before returning south in the fall.
The Redbuds are about to open and bless us with their purplish-pink adorned branches! And the rains have been so welcome! Thank you, Lord.

MARCH2012 132

Returning from a morel hunt down by the lake yesterday, my oldest and I discovered the Carolina Anemones blooming. Wonderfully, they bloom in both purple and white!

MARCH2012 194/Carolina Anemone

MARCH2012 191/Carolina Anemone

I love Spring!

More blooms to come...
Blessings, Julie


Jennifer Hoots said...

Yay for rain and spring! Beautiful flowers. I can't believe this winter is over. I am not a winter person and feel as if this winter was an easy one. I don't think I shoveled snow once. (OK, the kids did a few times,but usually if it is not bad, I don't help.)

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