Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our Teen, More Wildflowers, & A Sssnake!

MARCH2012 112

Recently, my oldest turned thirteen.
I wasn't ready!
Honestly, some days I wish that the hands of time could be turned back to her infancy and I could redo so much.
She's a good kid, but bless her heart, her mother has a horrible temper.
She wanted her ears piereced. They are now.
My young teen is beautiful but dealing with an old-fashioned, ridiculously conservative mama is going to stretch her...and stretch the old mama at the same time.
I'm praying for elasticity.

Here are a few more wildflowers:

MARCH2012 268
Roundleaf Groundsel

MARCH2012 257
Wild Violet

MARCH2012 267
Fringed Puccoon

Of course, while tramping over prairie and through the woods, we're already seeing the wildlife that the warmer spring temperatures are rousing. The snakes are already active.
This is just one of several I've already seen.

MARCH2012 217
Some type of water snake

And one of my favorite hiking companions is the three-legged dog.

MARCH2012 063

Now to wake up kids and start the day!
Blessings, Julie


twisted said...

Yep! Age thirteen is the year of earrings. That was the first time I ever passed out - watching my older sister get her ears pierced at JC PENNEY's. She about passed out too. Then we both almost threw up in the shoe department. Was that an exciting day for our mom, or what?
You are doing a great job, Julie.

Anonymous said...

Fun pictures...except the snake part. ;-) I think that was reason #42 that I moved to snakes. HA!

Timothy said...

I love the wildflowers. Haven't seen any in the desert as of yet. Will let you know if I come up with any. :)

Dana said...

Love your wildflower photos! And, the snake, too. We saw two snakes last month on our land. I love 'em!