Sunday, June 3, 2012

Honey Locust Creations & Designs

We've started a new little business on the side. And when I say little, it really is. But the girls and I have enjoyed working and creating together.
There are magnetic dominoes decorated with scrapbook paper and jewels.

The girls decorated flip-flops with strips of colorful bandanas.

And we've been painting canvases and adding a bit of mixed media to them.
I'll try and post pictures soon but can't now as our internet provider is just not providing that umpf needed to do so.

Catching up a bit, we've got three little one month old bottle calves and are working on aquiring some goats. My oldest wants to show a Boer goat at the fair and next Spring Livestock show and I'm wanting some dairy goats. Have you ever heard of Kinder goats? If you're curious, you can read about them here .
Gotta go, blessings, Julie

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