Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beauty Exists Here in Abundance

I haven't forgotten that I was going to post wildflower photos on a regular basis throughout the growing season this spring and summer. Commitments regarding kids, family, and even some unexpected ones have prevented me from being able to get outdoors for extended periods of time to photograph the abundance of blooms we're seeing here. I guess that's just life, huh. But I did get a little collage of flying flowers put together in the early morning hours while drinking my coffee and found a picture of goatsbeard.

And here is a photo of Goatsbeard, one of my favorite wildflowers.

Time now to go wake two of the cherubs, only two as my middle-child is at church camp. And Momma is missing her bright, spunky ways. It's been a little too quiet for me. But I'll feed her little bottle-calf for her and look forward to her being back to do so herself.

Blessings, Julie

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Jennifer Hoots said...

Yes, it does exist in abundance! Wow, lovely. I always enjoy your photos.