Saturday, September 28, 2013

Some of my Favorite Photos: Rural Living

I love to take pictures.
And I really enjoy editing them!
Not too surprisingly, my favorite subjects tend to be right here on our little farm, the fauna and flora of the country, and small town living.
These photos were taken anywhere from three years ago up to a year ago.
My photography hobby has had to take a back seat as of late to the priority of raising children and taxiing them to their multitude of extracurricular activities.
But looking back through past pictures and the subjects captured causes me to reflect fondly upon those times that I've been able to escape the mundane and allow the creative juices to flow!
Lambing Season at the Robinsons 
April2012 317
Aubrey's Bucket-calf, Wally
April2011 373
 Thistle Seed Head in Drought: Summer 2012
july2011 035
Samuel's Small Town Church Baptism 
The Little Guy gets Baptized
Rain Drop on Barbed Wire
august2011 216
 Lillie's Bantam Chick, Pharaoh
Bantam Babies
 Sunrise on the Pasture Across the Road
february2012 035
Deer At The Wichita Wildlife Refuge
Deer @ The Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge
 Spring Flowers in the Hay Meadow
Spring Wildflowers
 Damselfly Looking At Me
Damselfly Watching Me
 Mammoth Sunflower in the Garden
Happy Face
Grain Elevator: Frederick Oklahoma 
Southwest Oklahoma Grain Elevator
Strawberry is Barn Sour
Thanks for looking and have a great day!
Blessings, Julie


Jennifer Hoots said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!!! Worthy of frames, all of them.

Coach D. said...

Hi Julie,
Beautiful pictures. Haven't been blogging since starting masters program, didn't realize how much I'm missing. Hello from Kansas.

Gina said...

Love your photos!