Monday, September 27, 2010

Obsessions: Another Chicken Post


I've been trying to figure out just how many roosters we actually have.
I found this information about observing the differences of sexes in chickens at a young age at The Poultry Site . 

Cockerel at 5 weeks of age

Medium size, pinkish
Sturdy, long
Stumpy, curved
Downy with thin line of stub feathers down centre
Side of neck, crop and flanks
Feathering poorly advanced
Wing bows
Bare, showing wing covert quills
Erect and alert

Pullet at 5 weeks of age

Small, yellowish
Finer, shorter
Longer, straight
More advanced feathering along centre & flanks
Side of neck, crop & flanks
Feathering well advanced
Wing bows
Covered with small feathers
Lower set

It seems that if my observations are correct, that we may have three roosters out of the five Buff Orpingtons.
If so, we will keep the dominant one and name him Mr. Incredible.
The others will either be sold or given away.

Wanna rooster?

And I've just got to give out some major kudos to my six girls out there in the hen house!


Most day we're getting six eggs and we've had two double yolkers within a three week period.


Anyone got some great egg recipes out there? I'm running out.
Hope your week is off to a great start!
Blessings, Julie


CrossView said...

Are you up for eating the extra roosters? We (me & the girls) aren't as of this point... Guy takes care of that and I don't ask.

You're smarter than I am. I just wait till they get big enough so that I can tell. I'm not fond of roosters. Most of the ones we've had have gotten aggressive after a year or so...

Jenn4him said...

No egg recipes here, sorry. I am suppressing my inner desire for chickens. You must have 3 acres here to have them in the backyard. We are a little short in that department. If I could, I would be right there with you!

mtroop9 said...

Julie, the American Egg Board, Has 100s of recipes. If you are on facebook, Incredible Edible Egg. new recipe everyday. And my favorite, the Chicken Whisperer.