Friday, October 22, 2010

Where I'm At, Sort Of

The first sentence in a new entry can be the most difficult one.
And for me, a homeschooling mom, I tend to be a bit too tough on myself regarding what others perceive of my writing ability. I mean wouldn't you agree that we homeschoolers are held to a higher standard...
Or maybe it's because I can be a bit intimidated by some of the heavy hitters, you know, those bloggers out there that generate a ridiculously large number of know, like The Pioneer Woman (unfairly talented in a big way) or Tim Challies at his site Challies (very provocative...the comments are as good as his posts), and now I've stumbled upon a new one. Her name is Amy Scott and bless her heart she's a Calvinist, just like Tim Challies, but I love her. I mean I love her style of writing, her honesty, her humor, and oh boy is she one smart chickadee. Her site entitled Amy's Humble Musings is one I find myself clicking over to quite often. You're probably already aware of her site and once again I'm the proverbial kid that has missed the bus or if you need a better word picture the last one in line, the last to hear the "big news",...oh well, enough! I think you got the picture...word picture...picture...whatever.

And now for some photos for your visual entertainment:

I call this first one, Deception I.


This is Deception II.


Okay, so I know what you're thinking (okay, not really). Why did that quirky woman entitle these photos Deception I and II ???
I'll wait till the end of my post to reveal the answer.
Another photo!


Yes, we have a cow's skull hanging off of a post at the corner of our calf pen. It's there to remind them what happens to naughty little calves that push their luck (don't believe in it) too far.
Actually, I just think it looks cool.
The horses don't though, because they keep knocking it off! They're such dumb broads (sorry, it's the kind of mood I'm in today, you'll understand after this next picture).

Next photo, Jules!!!


Those that know me just groaned, really, they just groaned.
Because now it's all becomming very very clear why this post has such a cynical and dark tone.
That's right, you got it...another animal has been purchased and now resides here at our increasingly-growing-smaller due to over-population little farm.
Wailing and gnashing of teeth couldn't have prevented this from happening, it was beyond me.
He is a two-year-old gelding.
Tim wanted him.
And really Tim deserves him.
He's a sweety. The horse or Tim, you ask? Well, both...but I was actually talking about the horse.
I'm still trying to wrap my feeble brain around the whole concept of having yet another mouth to feed, but I'm comin' around, I think.
So the next time your kid asks for a fish, a hermit crab, or even a puppy for crying out loud...remember me and remember, It could always be ....a horse ((gulp)).
That's all for now except for my explanation regarding the leaf pictures entitled "Deception I and II''.
It's not a falling leaf but is hanging mid-air attached to an upper branch by a spider web.
Last's bright cheery and helps me to remember that everything in my life is really great.
I am blessed, really!



Sally said...

"wouldn't you agree that us homeschoolers are held to a higher standard..."

That would be "WE homeschoolers", Julie. ROFL! But nevermind me. I love your writing!

A poem just came to mind for you:

There was a good woman
who lived in a zoo.
She had so many animals,
she didn't know what to do!
She wrote a lament, as
she wished them all dead,
Then she pulled up her blankets
and stayed in her bed.

:o) Silly. I guess I should go back to ... what is it that I do?

Julie... said...

Thanks, Sally, I'm going to correct immediately :-)!
And by the way, dear friend, your poem was right on the money!!!

Julie... said...

Alright, maybe not right on the money...but I would like to see quite a few of them vacate the premises, namely the cows, and one very large horse that has never ever pulled her weight! Oh, and I could do without a cat, although I would have one heartbroken little girl. Oh who am I kidding...we're runnin' a full blown petting zoo here!!!

Sally said...

I meant to tell you I really enjoy Amy's Humble Musings, too. :D She cracks me up, and she is SMART. She really has a gift with words. I think I used to be like her (maybe a little bit) a long time ago, but then I had children. But SHE has children, more than I do! Somehow she was able to hold on to her brain cells. I don't get it.

Sally said...

PS. I think you would like Terry @ Breathing Grace, as well.

Eat, Fart and Bark said...

Julie, I worry about writing correctly, too. I finally decided the grammar checking will be left for the serious writing and blogs are for fun. Don't sweat the small stuff. I love coming to your blog to see the photos, and find out how you are doing.
T13 saw the leaf picture - it reminded him of our visit. He wants to come back and have an airsoft gun fight down by the lake,even after snorting a tick out of his nose as we drove by Sooner Lake. What memories. Isn't that appropriate for the pictures we did with the tick poster at the college?

CrossView said...

LOVE your photos! All of them! And those "Deception" photos? AWESOME!

I leave it to my genius children to represent hs'ers. When I mess up - often - I just say I went to public school. ;o)

And you have room for more. Surely your living room has some extra space??! =P

Homeschool on the Croft said...

I say that too.....'I went to public (state, we call them) school - so I can't help it'!! Our kids of course, have no such excuses...mwahahah

Lovin' the blog...just started following!
Love, Anne x