Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Bird Poem in Free Verse

jan2010snow 016

A small girl walks outside.
It is time to feed the birds.
It is cold and she shivers,
but she trudges on.

Icicles hang down from branches of trees nearby.

She smiles watching a bluejay land on the ice.
She shivers again and begins pouring the feed.
A chickadee watches with interest.
The bluejay also stops to gaze at the small intruder.

She smiles at the birds.
They are her friends.
More birds fly down to lower branches,
watching the girl.

The chickadee peeps impatiently.
The girl smiles again,
backing away from the feeder.

She watches as the birds enjoy their meal.
        ~~~  Written 1/4/12 by my oldest daughter.

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LeAnn said...

Awesome! Love it!

Twisted said...

Classic! She did a great job. Artistic talent run in your family.

Holly said...

Oh, I love it!! I could envision the whole thing. And your daughter is beautiful :) Holly

Julie... said...

LeAnn, Jane, & Holly,
Thanks so much...she saw your comments and is appreciative of your kind words :-)!
Blessings, Julie

Jenn4him said...

Wow! Great job to your daughter, and I so love Blue Jays! I have been trying to get over here so many times this past week. I read your blog on my reader and when I do, I pray for you, but I also want to leave you a comment, but life has been a bit busy! Loved your sunset picture, too!