Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Kind of Phototherapy


I enjoy taking pictures.
And many times when I'm trying not to think about the ridiculous amount of things I need to be doing and should be doing,...I pick up my camera and head outdoors.
It's called denial and sometimes, forgive me, but it keeps me sane.
Living way out in the country like we do and staying at home with my kids to educate them can cause me to seek outlets that help me to express my creativity in my own personal way. Photography happens to be an outlet that I take great satisfaction in.
Admittedly, I have much to learn. The camera I use is up for the challenge, I just don't have the time to invest into it right now. So for now many of my pictures are raw or SOOC (straight out of the camera) if you will.
Within the last two weeks, I've taken some photos around the farm.


This is looking through the oak trees at the back of the house and across the pasture toward the woods, then lake.
After walking through the trees, this is a picture of the pasture, a spring, and the woods and lake on the horizon.


The wildflowers in the pasture always catch my attention and cause me stop and take pictures of their pretty faces.


It's always wonderful to see the wide variety and we have studied about some of them in school as there are many that were used by the Native Americans and pioneering families for food and medicinal purposes.


I'll never tire of these extraordinary beauties that continue to remind me of our Creator's generous use of color, texture, and scent.
Once we're out of the pasture and into the woods, a trip into the ravine is a must. You see, a picture of the Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly is something that I've been anticipating for quite some time.


In case I haven't told you, it's work to get down here. The pasture, woods, and ravine are inhabited with ticks, snakes, and more than our fair share of poison ivy. I literally get "suited up" before making my way down here. On my feet are rubber mud boots that come up to my knees and my jeans are tucked into them. I liberally spray insect repellent on myself.
There are always surprises awaiting me on these nature walks.


They vary from observing a juvenile bobcat closeup without it being privy to my presence, finding a coyote skeleton perfectly cleaned of all flesh and hair, to happening upon tall, scarlet red cardinal flower growing along the banks of the stream that runs through the ravine.


For me, this is all I need for entertainment and it recharges my battery so that I can carry on doing what so many of us homeschooling mothers do. Please don't hear me wrong here. I love being with my kids full-time but I also need moments that I can fill that creative well that exists in me.
Next time I'll share pictures of the yard, garden, and some of our critters.
Thanks for dropping by, Julie


CrossView said...

My 20-yr old and I do the same thing. Phototherapy??!! LOL!

And my husband will often go to scout for whatever's next in the hunting seasons and he invites me along so I can see all the cool criters and/or their signs. I'm a city girl so it's always fascinating!

You took some great shots, by the way! =D

Melissal89 said...

I pick up my camera and head out on my own a lot too. It's a necessity I think.

Your photos are beautiful Julie, thank you so much for sharing.

Jenn4him said...

Looks like you are putting your camera to very good use. I am without a camera at the moment. My camera battery died, at least that is what I hope it is. I will get a battery and see. Until then, I am trying to be patient.

Sally said...

Your SOOC shots are wonderful. I once thought I could keep only my great shots of people and places. But since I have neglected organizing my digital shots, and have stored ALL of them on the computer, and have been using all my photos in a slide show for my screen saver, I have really enjoyed even the out-of-focus, terrible photos. What great memories they bring up. :)

This new blog is beautiful. I have scrolled down a bit, through your camp post, and I need to keep going! I'll be back.

Eat, Fart and Bark said...

Like the new blog. I finally get to leave comments. The pictures are great. I'm so glad I've seen your place in person, the pictures take me back each time. Thanks for sharing.

Jamie said...

My faves are the damselfly and the ladybug photos. And photography is mighty good therapy, isn't it? :)

School for Us said...

I love your photos. And, I find photographing nature theraputic, too!

5blessings said...

I live in kansas also, Junction city , where at in kansas are you from? oH and my name is Tracy I am a christian homeschooling SAHM.