Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cats...More Cats...And More Cats

Just to let you know, there are quite a few cats here.
This wasn't planned mind you, but the veterinarian (my husband) didn't quite get things taken care of quick enough with our young female, Ashes.


Honestly, it has been an enjoyable experience having three tiny balls of fur romping on the front porch. The children love playing with them and as my husband says, "Every child should experience a litter of kittens."
Still I watch Ashes with them and feel a bit sorry for her.
There are times when her face says it all.


"Hey, watch it with the teeth back there!"

She has been a good mother, good to keep the kittens away from our backporch cat that is foul-tempered and good to let the kittens nurse whenever the kittens paw at her.
But even though this has been such a wonderful and educational time for the kids, I will be so happy to see the little ruffians go!


Then Ashes, your kitten bearing days are over.
But we will have the memories.


I alluded to the backporch cat.
Her name is Annie.
Annie is El Supremo among the critters at Forty Acre Farm.


Even our Pittbull/Lab mix that runs down rabbits and eats them whole, bows in submission to Annie.
One of the other dogs (we have three,...sigh...), a Collie/Australian Shepherd mix, learned his lesson with Annie the hard way.
One day while the children were jumping on the trampoline, this particular dog sat by the trampoline and commenced to barking excitedly. Annie who was still a frontporch cat at the time, leaped from the porch, ran to the dog, and literally jumped on him, yowling, biting, and clawing him!
As soon as the dog disentangled himself from her he went flying out to the pasture, yelping with his tail between his legs. Annie even followed for a short distance, yowling the whole time.


She's quite a sight when she gets her dander up.
What's a dander?

Then last but not least, there is Bandito.


Bandito is Ashes brother, they were litter mates.
He's huge...which is strange because his sister is a small cat with a slight build.
But Bandito is very large and heavy. When he comes running across our wooden porch to be fed, he sounds like a medium sized dog.
He has the most wonderful meow that I have ever head, too.
Bandito is one cool, calm cucumber and probably one of the more attractive cats I've owned.
With all this being said or typed that is about cats, I have to admit that cats really aren't even close to being my favorite animals.
But I'm thankful for our li'l kitty crew!
Thanks for visiting and have a blessed day!


Timothy Snider said...

Hi Sweetheart
You write such nice posts and take such clear photographs. Good job.
The Vet

CrossView said...

There's just something about kittens! LOL! They are fun and oh-so-adorable!

I wonder if we should feel guilty? For all our critters, we have no cats.

Bandito is quite a handsome fellow!

Eat, Fart and Bark said...

How are the cats doing with the chickens? Herogian would love to have one, but we claim Commander is allergic, so that has kept the feline critters from gracing our doorstep. I wouldn't mind a mouser that cleans up after the kill.

Melissal89 said...

Awww, I'm such a sucker for kittens. Good thing I don't live closer, I'd probably end up taking one of those cuties off your hands if you offered! I giggled reading about Queen Annie. I have to respect her strength!

sixfolks said...

Wow Julie, You even made ME want a cat... but only for a second. There are strays that roam the town here. It's like an infestation of felines ;) Have a wonderful day!

Miss Eyebright said...

I absolutely love cats and kittens, and you have some awfully cute ones!

I don't know if you know this yet, but I've moved my blog as well. You can now find me at:

Cassidy said...

Hi Julie! I found you. It has been a while since I tried, but I often think of you oddly enough! Glad to see your new blog and will try to stop by more often.

Jenn4him said...

So, what is your favorite animal? And your kittens, cats are very cute. We have one pet, a cat, who reigns supreme over us all. She is a 16 year old siamese. No use telling her any different now. *sigh*