Sunday, July 25, 2010


I just wanted to get a quick post out to say, "Thanks," to all of you that have been so encouraging and complimentary regarding the photos that I post. Isn't it amazing how we will stumble upon something and find that we truly are able to express ourselves and creativity through that particular medium!

Photography has been that "creative" outlet for me these past couple of years and I'm finding that I want to get so much more involved in it. But priorities for now will keep me reined in...and that's okay!
But really, I wanted to just let my friends know that I appreciate their kind words, guys are the best!
Love, Julie


CrossView said...

How did we survive before blogging? And isn't digital photography amazing!

Keep up the good work! I love your photos!

Belinda said...

Oh, I love this shot! We have a beagle/ collie mix, and seeing this shot makes me realize how collie-like our dog is. Of course, we also recently added a Golden retriever puppy--YIKES!

I miss you at HSB, but I will try to get over here more often. God bless.

Sally said...

SO what I want to know is, are you just naturally great at this, or are you naturally great at digitally tweaking your photos, too?
Long time no see, Julie. Got home from our long vaca almost a week ago and still catching up with everyone. I have missed you!
♥ ~ Sally