Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's Up Here

We're full-swing into summer now and it's definitely heating up around here.
My green beans and peas have finished producing and are now ready to be tilled in.
I had thought of planting a fall garden, but as we're a bit busy this week with Vacation Bible School it won't get done within the next few days.

Obviously, I've had time to take pictures.
We've had quite a few skippers flitting about and enjoying the zinnias out by the vegetable garden.

Last week I took a short walk to the spring that is in our back pasture and took some pictures of damselflies and dragonflies.
I found this picture to be a bit comical. This sweet little damselfly looks as if it has spectacles on.
Too cute!

Back at the vegetable garden, where I've planted Mammoth Sunflowers, I took this picture of one my large beauties. The texture here is gorgeous and I love that the moisture from a recent rain shower is still present. The bumblebees and carpenter bees congregate regularly on these and I was rather surprised that I was able to get a couple of pictures minus any bees.

Sunflowers just scream summer.
Along with ice cream, swimming pools, shorts, cicadas, butterflies, bumblebees, hotdogs, sandals, and fresh salads straight from the garden, yum!
Along with trying to get a fall garden in the ground, I'm expecting my school related order from CBD (Christian Book Distributors) to make it here soon. I'm excited...is that odd...but really I am.
We're going to start using Apologia this year for science and will also be working on a rather lengthy unit covering the twentieth century in the United States.
I can honestly say I'm looking forward to it!
I hope your summer days are comfortable and productive!
Blessings, Julie


Eat, Fart and Bark said...

These are awesome pictures. Commander will drool when he sees the sunflower. Ours are about 2 weeks behind yours.
I'm searching for that camera today, too.

Timothy Snider said...

Wow - the bottom sunflower pic is awesome. Looks like it could be the cover of some sort of coffee table book about flowers or Kansas or something like that.

CrossView said...

I love seeing the summer critters! Great shots!

See Jamie blog said...

LOVE the sunflower pictures!

Sally said...

Julie, hello! I put the wrong blog in my feed and wondered why you weren't posting... duh.
Have you considered selling your photos? They really are good. You ought to watermark them so they don't get stolen! Hoping all's well with you. Busy is good, I mean the rest of it. :o)

50 Chubby Toes said...

Hi Julie! You are an AMAZING! Photographer! Have you ever thought about publishing a book?! I love reading about all you have to say! Your blog is great!!! Especially the entry below this one! CRACKED ME UP!!! I gave you a Blog Award! Stop by and pick it up! Blessings, EMichelle