Monday, January 3, 2011

Visions of Spring Dancin' in My Head


Wonderfully, I've found that many of you presently are of likemind out there in the real world, the cold winter world. We're dreaming of Spring and all its offerings, blessings, and warmth.
I've been enjoying all the Spring gardening planning posts that I've been reading at some of my favorite blogs...and dreamin' and plannin' my own garden.


This year, one of my goals is that the children and I join one of our local farmers markets and sell eggs, produce, and flowers. I don't know that it will be wholly accomplished. We'll see.


But forgive me for being a weather whiner, long awaited projects are beginning to take shape during these frigid days, also.
Tim's parents came this past weekend to celebrate Christmas and his dad lent his muscles and building expertise to a play structure that Tim has been planning for quite some time.
He found the plans here


A friend of the family came over to help and brought his whole family (wife and all five kiddos). We had a blast! And the guys got so much done.


With two tractors and plenty of muscle, the largest part of the project was completed...getting the six large poles in the ground.

The kids are excited and looking forward to the finished product as am I!
Tim's mother surprised the girls with sweatshirts and now they're the "Christian Chicks."


My mother has knee replacement surgery next Monday. I'm really desiring your prayers in this area as I've heard so many discouraging accounts of how hard it is to recuperate from this particular type of surgery. Please pray her knee would heal quickly without incident and that the Lord would continue to provide all that she needs. She's had such a tough time in this life and admittedly so much of it is due to unwise decisions and her mental health issues, but God is merciful and she's precious to Him, too.

A good blogging friend of mine, Sally, is having a fun and creative contest at her blog, Diamonds in the Rough. Recently, she posted a picture of her girls "getting into the Word" at her site. I commented, "P31's in progress." To which she commented back here that this was every morning before breakfast. In fact the motto at their house is, "No Bible, no breakfast."
I loved it!!! And I was challenged...really. So for the past two mornings we've all read our Bibles and then had Bible study and prayer afterward before breakfast. I am determined to keep it up. Keep me accountable and ask me sometime if we're continuing to read our Bibles every morning before breakfast, please.
Thanks for clicking over and God bless!



Eat, Fart and Bark said...

I like the BIBLE before Breakfast. I think we will see what we can do with it around here. Can't wait to see the finished fort - a boys dream come true.

Sally said...

What a great fort! And what a blessing you have TREES!! :)
Your photos are always so gorgeous. sigh. Thank you for sharing them. I love your header!
Yes, NBNB is our motto, and not a rule. Thank you for putting it that way. There are times when we don't enforce it, like when we are leaving early in the morning on a trip! Bible can be done in the car, too. I'm proud of you for your progress on that, Julie! And I can't wait to see your graphic. Do send me one!

CrossView said...

Oh WOW! The flowers... *drool* I can't wait till Spring. It's my favorite time of year!

Mine would be so jealous of the fort. LOL! And none of mine are little anymore. Ok, so I'm coveting, too! :O)

I wlll be praying for your mom.

Love the sweatshirts - and the photo.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Will pray for your mum. I have heard it can be a hard op to recover from, but I've heard that how well the patient follows the exercise regime makes all the difference. I knew a lady who'd had both done, and she faithfully did every exercise she was told, and as frequently as she was told. Her recovery was perfect and she never again had a day's trouble with her knees. She did say to me it was hard work at the time, but definitely worth it.
As always, your photos render me almost speechless. There is SO much beauty in this world, and I'm glad there are some who're able to capture it well. God bless in 2011 x

Jenn4him said...

I am with you in the spring dreaming! I want to go camping, plant a garden, and not be sick so often. You'll have to post a finished picture of the wonderful fort. I hope you are able to meet your goals at the farmer's market. We love going to ours. Another thing I miss about spring! I will pray for your mom's surgery. I know two people who have had them and did well.

Eat, Fart and Bark said...

It can be if I'm not signed in at the EFandB. It might not be the same for others, but I have to hit post a comment about three times, plug in the verification password and check back to make sure it went. The security at the site is important though. I have been hit with a few spammers last year.
Don't worry about my post. If I can't get through I'll email ya.

Eat, Fart and Bark said...

Two clicks if I'm signed is in above post.

Julie said...

I'm dreaming of spring and our gardens! I hope you do try selling at the farmers' market--I adore it. I have an organic heirloom plant business, and while I sell through many venues, I adore my customers and the other vendors at the farmers' market. I've met the nicest people, and I always have a gardening-related activity for kids, which is so much fun. I love getting kids excited about growing! Good luck to you!

Lexi said...

Wow! What beautiful pictures. I'm so glad I found your blog again!! I haven't been on HSB blogger in a long time and I'm too computer-challenged to navigate the changes. I've been blogging at blogspot at and
I'm going to bookmark your blog so I can find you again! I'm glad I can catch up!

Franbles said...

I too am dreaming of spring. Yesterday it seemed it might be close when the sun shone. Today has been warmer but SO dull and drizzly - yuck!
Love the treehouse - what fun!