Thursday, December 30, 2010


A post of this-n-that and a little something weighing heavy on my mind sums up my silly title.
So let's get down to business as I know there are facebook pages to be viewed, Craig's List to be summarized, and for you PW fans...checking to see if you've won a mixer, knives, or a Nikon camera!
Of course I'm drawing from my own behavior there so don't be offended.

First, for Christmas my dear husband gave me a new lens. A macro lens that I hope to finally get those tiniest of details that have eluded me for too long. Yes, I'm thankful and hoping to pay off our mortgage with the winnings from that particular picture that will thrust me into photography stardom...attention National Geographic.

Fall Color

Foggy AM

OK Sunset Edit

But for now this amateur plays at Picnik, a picture editing site that is free. Being the frugal and freaky person that I am, money will not be spent on any photo editing in this household...not in the near future anyway.

Also, I have a question for some of you that have raised boys. When in public places and your little guy must go to the bathroom, do you take him into the Womens bathroom or let him go into the Mens bathroom? And at what age did you stop taking him into the Womens bathroom? My seven-year-old is still escorted by me or his sisters into the Womens bathroom, but he is getting a bit big. Any advice here?

The rest of this particular post has been deleted as the situation has been resolved, thankfully.
I appreciated all of the comments and advice, but felt that I probably shouldn't have aired the situation publicly.
Blessings to you and yours as we embark upon a new year!


Brownie said...

Oooh... I like that verse!

I do not care for others commenting on my parenting skills, I don't like it if it is done in front of my children.

There's another verse in Ephesians - be ye angry, and sin not...

I love your photos. really. My grandfather was a photographer and developed his own black and whites. I have all his equipment but I don't know how to use it. With technology the way it is these days it seems a bit archaic.

Was your anger a sin? I don't know if it is necessarily - I think it's what you do with it and how you allow it to control you.

Brownie said...

Sorry... I think my paragraphs were out of sequence...

Julie... said...

Brownie, I'm still reflecting on the situation and trying to understand why it did make me so angry at the moment it happened and still does now to some extent.
I'm continuing to pray about it.
Thanks for commenting!

CrossView said...

Sounds like you've been busy with... life. :O)

I'm jealous of the lens. And the photos. Awesome!

And the janitor? Well, I can't say how I would react but I can say I don't do well with unasked for advice. ;O)

Homeschool on the Croft said...

What a good verse. It's also there for a reason.

I love, love, love your present. My hubbie told me he'd have loved to have got me something similar but we couldn't afford it. Maybe some day...

your photos are fabulous. Oh, and I think one of the most annoying and anger-inducing things anyone can do is to take to do with your parenting.... oh, and *especially* in front of your kids. Aarrghgh. I'd be mad! x

Jennifer said...

Okay, first and foremost the picture of the ticked off dog just made me giggle...thinking of sweet Julie morphing into that monster before that unsuspecting janitor's eyes! I laugh b/c as a homeschool mom I've had my pot boil over this stuff too and am just starting to be a little more proactive in my responses to others (mostly in-laws...sigh). And maybe I'm wrong, but I say good for you, Julie for standing up for your parental rights! There are far too many unruly children out there who haven't a clue what a paddling feels like. Anywho...

Lovin' your pics as usual! Keep them coming and don't stop until you do strike gold with that camera and photogenic eye!

Happy New Year!

Eat, Fart and Bark said...

Commander says to let son go to the men's restroom after you have thoroughly taught him about 'Stranger Danger', and how to strike someone in their 'darknuts' and mean it. You need to stand outside the men's room door, so that you present that Pitbull personification to any man that dares to walk into the bathroom.

As to the janitor, he stepped into it and took the bull by the horns. The hard part, I think you are dealing with, is letting it go since that is so unlike you. I wish I was a fly on that wall, though.
Your pictures are awesome. They were before, but now - WOW! Tell Hubby we will all enjoy his present.

timothymatters said...

The janitor story makes my blood boil as well. He would not last long in my church. During my last sermon, as I was preaching Joey, kept acting up as Elisa was trying to get him to sit still and behave. That lead into the following sermon illustration...

"After all, you can spank the child, and correct him as we should all do, but in the end, without conversion all you have as a well-behaved sinner."

Elisa got the message, stood up and took Joey to the restroom for some behavior modification. :)

I don't think the janitor would like that either.

Julie... said...

I feel like I may have mislead some here regarding the church janitor. The man is wonderful with children and even teaches our middle child's Sunday School class. My gripe is that he attempted to rebuke me in front of my children thereby undermining my authority. I still respect him and hope to mend the relationship.

Jenn4him said...

I won't touch the janitor issue, as I am afraid that I would have done the same. I am fortunate to have two boys who can go together and I always take my daughter even though she is 11. I like the idea of standing outside like a pitbull and teaching about stranger danger. I think at 7 I would still take him in with me though. I think it was at 8 I started to let the boys go together. And I love the pictures. I like picnik too. My son would love to have a pricey photo editing system and he would probably use it wonderfully. I can't seem to figure out the one that came with the computer.
Happy New Year!

Sally said...

Julie, I am so happy for your gift -- someone with as much talent as you have deserves a gift like that!
The only thing worse than having someone correct your parenting in front of your children is having your own CHILD correct your parenting. Ahem.
As for skating, my kids would have been impressed if I had simply stayed on my feet. Nevermind the tricky stuff. :)

Sally said...

Actually, Julie, every day starts that way in our house. No Bible, no breakfast! :) The title could have been "A Great Start to a New Day".

Annie Kate said...

Keep on taking him into the women's for a few years. It takes only a few seconds for trouble to happen, and who knows what's on the men's bathroom walls!

Tell him to yell if anything happens. Then Mama pitbull can charge in...and I was always fully prepared to do just that.

In a few years, he'll be protecting you!

Annie Kate

Cathy said...

Very nice gift. Lenses are really wonderful. I think I own that same lens and it just might be my favorite. I love it for close ups of people and close ups of nature most. How fun.