Friday, March 4, 2011

Take A Hike! Part 2

March2011 137

Back to the hike, remember, we're in the ravine.
The kids are playing in the little stream that is fed by a spring further up toward the house.
The stream runs over a sandstone bottom and eventually waterfalls down into the lake.

March2011 144

I "play" too. But my play is a little different as I take a stick and turn over small rocks looking for life underneath. I'm still looking forward to that day when I see a salamander...none this day, but the water striders and crawfish that scurry here and there are appreciated.
The leaves, some floating atop the gentle water gliding, draw my attention.
This sycamore leaf, submerged, has been preserved by the cold temperatures of the water.
Its color, amongst dulled browns is welcome.

March2011 148

There are many varieties of trees in the ravine, the forest above, and around the lake that borders the western most part of our farm.
Many types of oaks, elms, and flowering trees like the red buds and hawthorns thrive in this wood. Sycamores that tower, willows and persimmons are all common here.
The lone green clothed are the red cedars.
The ferns are plentiful here on the damp rock. I've transplanted some to our yard.

March2011 156

So while standing here taking pictures, the boy decided to walk along the top of the wall of the ravine. No surprise there, huh?

"Hey! You! Get back away from the edge of that thar wall!"

The gray hairs abound.

On another subject, tomorrow we will be heading to our state's spelling bee. My oldest, who inherited her dad's spelling genes will be competing. We're excited...and nervous. I'll let you know how it goes. Did I say I was nervous...I am.

I hope you have a wonderfully productive and blessed weekend! Julie


Brownie said...

Beautiful. Love the leaves.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Beautiful photos. Oh, and all the best with the Spelling Bee. Let us know how it goes! x

Jade said...

These photos are amazing. My favorites are the close ups. Good luck with the Spelling Bee! :)

CrossView said...

Such serene photos! :O)