Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facebook Has Rejected Me?!

Yes, I enjoyed using the social networking site Facebook. It was a means for me to observe pictures of my extended family and keep up with relatives, if you will. None of us are true letter writers.
Yes, at times, I did status my frustrations with different politicians and political issues and comment quite candidly my opinion on such important subjects as the consumption of chocolate or whether-or-not I would be attending certain homeschooling events.
So imagine my surprise when clicking over this morning to find that my account had been deactivated. HUH?!
No explanation, just deactivated.
Rejection of this type is something I'm just not used to.
Maybe it's a mixed blessing...I don't know, but I guess maybe it means I won't be checking over at their site anymore to see if anyone else agrees with my devotion to bacon or talking smack with my OU supporter friends.
And maybe in the words of Martha Stewart, "It's a good thing."
All I know is that right now...at this very moment...I'm feelin' horribly and ridiculously rejected!
But, this too shall pass.


Sally said...

I'll never reject you, Julie! Just stay here on HSB, oh wait. This isn't your HSB blog! Well, still. Stick around.
Hey, I found an old email in my drafts, that I was writing to you. Whoops!
Hope you are having a very lovely fall!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Never mind, we still love you!

Julie... said...

Sally, thanks for accepting me for the eccentric that I am. Anytime I see an email from you at my Hotmail account, I smile :-).
Homeschool on the Croft, your sweet words from sooo far away are deeply appreciated :-)!

Eat, Fart and Bark said...

You might want to reactivate and deactivate the account yourself with new passwords. I deactivated my account with Facebook, three months later someone reactivated it and slammed friends and family with vulgar language, made it sound like I was about to commit suicide. A real sicko. I'm not into the Social network stuff because of all the computer problems it brought with it. Stay computer safe.

Amari said...

I use facebook much like you do, Julie. I'm surprised I haven't been kicked off yet! I have backed off a bit because I found myself getting into political arguments and I didn't enjoy it much, yet sometimes I couldn't help myself. I like looking at blogs more because of the beautiful photos and inspiring stories. It's a lot more upbeat for me here on the blogs. ♥

Brownie said...

Hi - thanks by dropping by my blog again. I'm sure it was totally dissatisfying ROFL!!

I am on FB too but I've never heard of being deactivated. I know there is that rule out there that they can but I thought you had to be really REALLY bad. I'm on FB to keep up with my relatives and school chums.

Y'know... I saved my blog: all three years worth. Stuck it into a private blog. I had a couple of relatives lurking on there and it sort of sucked the joy out of it. Actually I have many relatives reading it - it was just a couple that were lurking and I had no idea they had been reading my stuff for over a year. It got a bit nasty as they said I was "spewing hate." Which is laughable. So after some thought I shut it down, for now :) I probably will reopen soon but with invitation only. If I'm reading the info right and set it up right, then when I invite you, every time you're signed into your google account, you can read it.

Rather a lengthy comment on your blog. But since I'm not officially blogging, I guess I'll be leaving long comments! ROFL!

Jenn4him said...

I am thinking hard about ditching FB myself, but then I remember that it is the only way I keep up with certain family members and I cool down. How is your sweet dog's recovery going?

Sally said...

Saw this just the other day,
This thing, whatever it is, supposedly shows you exactly what strangers can see in your FB profile.
Kim Komando has some great info on Facebook privacy on her Tips page, also.
I'm still not on FB and don't see that happening here. I am not sure whether to feel sad about that, or not, lol.

CrossView said...

FB has some glitches... They haven't shut me down and I spew politics from time to time. But they did deactivate my youngest's which had nothing offensive on it. ??? But I do have mine set to private on everything that I can set it to to private on.

Miss Eyebright said...

Wow, that is a little weird! I haven't been deactivated either. It must have been an accident or something. However, like you say, it might be a blessing? There's always more than one way to look at things!