Friday, November 12, 2010

A Nick Update & Twin Chickens Hatching Video

Our Nick is at a friends clinic and awaiting surgery.
We had originally thought he was shot but turns out that the x-rays tell a different story.
Looks like he may have been hit by a car.
The back left femur is broken in at least six places requiring an amputation of the leg or to be pinned.
We're going to try the "pin" route.
Tim won't be doing the surgery as it is a very tedious surgery and he hasn't performed it in over eleven years.
So a friend will likely perform it.
This afternoon the children and I will be heading into town to run errands. We will be sure and visit our Nick. I'll keep everyone updated on his convalescing here.
Get Well Soon, Dear Nick!
While lurking around the blog world, I came upon a wonderful video!
Funny, one day while cracking open one of our X Large Jumbo size eggs which was unsurprisingly a double yolker, I had made the statement to the children that a double yolker could never live. Now why I made that statement, I don't know...but ignorantly, I did.
So imagine my surprise when I came across this wonderful video.

Hope you enjoyed that!
Blessings and have a great day, Julie


Jenn4him said...

I am so glad to hear that Nick is getting good care. Poor Nick! I hope the surgery goes well. And, I had no clue that "twins" were possible either. I have been hitting the afternoon wall for as long as I can remember. I've tried caffeine, naps, too much TV, giving up, basically! I am asking the Lord to help,again.

Brownie said...

Poor poochie!!

Thanks for the great video. I knew about the twins. When I was growing up on the farm we had an egg mishap - a duck came out of the egg with four legs: one set on top of the other. One set useless of course. Very odd looking though.

Ron said...

How about an update on Nick (direct message via FB accepted)