Friday, November 19, 2010

Hmmm, Where Were We?

Oh yes, our beloved Nick had been shot/hit-by-a-car/kicked-by-a-horse.
Let me explain.
Upon first seeing Nick, I had thought he had been shot. Wrong!
Turns out the x-rays showed blunt force trauma to the back left leg and no bullet or bullet path. So the observing veterinarian diagnosed, "Probably hit by a car."
But later Tim and I talked more about the horrible open wound (I thought it was where he had been shot) that was on the outside of his back left leg and after also discussing that the x-rays showed no damage to his lower back or pelvis, we've concluded he may have been kicked by a horse.
Anyway, all that to say, his back left femur was broken in six places.
Tim's friend put pins in the leg last Friday and we're hoping the bones will start to fuse back. Tim brought him home last night and it was such a sweet homecoming. He limped to each one of us, licked our hands with much tail wagging and whining while we lavished praise and lots of petting on our sweet Nickaroni.

Now, regarding Facebook rejecting me/deactivating my account. I guess there must have been a glitch in the system somewhere because I was back on that evening. Still, the whole situation has caused me to be a bit disgruntled and I've deleted all my photo albums there as well as any personal information. Janes comment left me a little paranoid.
The 4-H County Demonstration Speech Contest is tomorrow. So you know what that means. Mama has been busy writing speeches and encouraging (that's a nice way to put it) children to work on said speeches for the last week.
The oldest will be giving her speech over making homemade suet for the birds. The middle child will be demonstrating with her Bantam pullet the different parts of a chicken as well as what you feed it. And last is the youngest childs speech on how to plant a bean plant. It should all be very interesting, tense, and a bit suspenseful as the kids have never attempted public speaking while holding a live animal. This may be the one we talk about for years, who knows.
And so, how am I? Well, I've told the kids that after lunch tomorrow, I'm heading to bed. It's just not right that there are those around here that are afforded the opportunity to nap and lounge.
"Who?!" you may ask.
Well, just look here...

And here...

I'd say that's proof positive that I'm due for a little R&R!
Blessings and nighty night, Julie  


Sally said...

Oh yes, Julie, enjoy that afternoon nap! May it be as long and as deep as you need it for a good rest! :D Glad to hear Nick is on the mend. Oh, and I am right there with you on the speech thing! Yep, that's what we did last year. I wrote speeches, and my kids gave them. None too cheerily, either, I might add. But they got over it. I even heard at least one child say it was actually FUN after it was over. I don't think I was supposed to hear that.

Jenn4him said...

I hope you are getting your nap today! I had to laugh at the pictures of your sleeping animals. We wake our cat up during the day to get back at her for waking us at 5 in the morning! I am so glad that Nick is home. Oh my. I am so glad he is as well as he is. I hope his leg heals well. Looks like he has been given the best chance.

CrossView said...

Wow! Poor Nick! So it looks like he'll be ok? =/

Hope the speeches went well! I hated public speaking....

Is that a coyote on the hay? Or am I just seeing one since they're common in our area? :O)

Julie... said...

Yes, CrossView, that is a coyote. They enjoy sunning on the bales.
Speeches did go great!
Middle child w/ her Bantam won Reserve Grand Champion and there were no mishaps. Success!

Brownie said...

hey... just wanted you to know that I changed my url. Hope all is going well with you!