Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Fun!

Summer just wouldn't be the same without kids playing in the water!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my six-year-old little guy.

I think it's because when I look at it, I can't help but smile.
Stay cool! Julie

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I just wanted to get a quick post out to say, "Thanks," to all of you that have been so encouraging and complimentary regarding the photos that I post. Isn't it amazing how we will stumble upon something and find that we truly are able to express ourselves and creativity through that particular medium!

Photography has been that "creative" outlet for me these past couple of years and I'm finding that I want to get so much more involved in it. But priorities for now will keep me reined in...and that's okay!
But really, I wanted to just let my friends know that I appreciate their kind words, guys are the best!
Love, Julie

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's Up Here

We're full-swing into summer now and it's definitely heating up around here.
My green beans and peas have finished producing and are now ready to be tilled in.
I had thought of planting a fall garden, but as we're a bit busy this week with Vacation Bible School it won't get done within the next few days.

Obviously, I've had time to take pictures.
We've had quite a few skippers flitting about and enjoying the zinnias out by the vegetable garden.

Last week I took a short walk to the spring that is in our back pasture and took some pictures of damselflies and dragonflies.
I found this picture to be a bit comical. This sweet little damselfly looks as if it has spectacles on.
Too cute!

Back at the vegetable garden, where I've planted Mammoth Sunflowers, I took this picture of one my large beauties. The texture here is gorgeous and I love that the moisture from a recent rain shower is still present. The bumblebees and carpenter bees congregate regularly on these and I was rather surprised that I was able to get a couple of pictures minus any bees.

Sunflowers just scream summer.
Along with ice cream, swimming pools, shorts, cicadas, butterflies, bumblebees, hotdogs, sandals, and fresh salads straight from the garden, yum!
Along with trying to get a fall garden in the ground, I'm expecting my school related order from CBD (Christian Book Distributors) to make it here soon. I'm that odd...but really I am.
We're going to start using Apologia this year for science and will also be working on a rather lengthy unit covering the twentieth century in the United States.
I can honestly say I'm looking forward to it!
I hope your summer days are comfortable and productive!
Blessings, Julie

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Busy As A Bee

Curiously, on your washer, does it have the setting "heavy load?"
Ours does. And when it goes in to the spin cycle, the washer literally rocks back and forth quite violently.
In fact, the floor vibrates throughout the entire bottom floor of the house.
This picture of our washer "rockin' and a rollin' " seems to be the perfect picture to describe the week that lays before us.
VBS, Retirement Home visit, Horse Workshop, and did I mention VBS???
But wait, there's more....we are infested with ticks and chiggers here at our little acreage and the grass needs a mowin' like you wouldn't believe.
Okay, more whining, I promise.
I hope your week is a one of leisure...really...relaxation, napping, workin' at your favorite hobby...just whatever.
Meanwhile, I'll be busy as a bee!
Chigger bitten and itching like there's no tomorrow, Julie

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Life at our forty acre farm includes a wide assortment.
The smaller variety and more vocal are the cicadas.
Here, in the summer, it is quite common to find their shells attached to trees, picnic tables, and on the sides of the house.
Yesterday morning, I was determined to find one emerging from it's shell so that I could get a picture.
And yep, I did.
Meet one of our newest tree dwellers...
Stanley Cicada...or maybe...Cindy Cicada.
Anyway, he/she is now a part of the choir that sings in the treetops during a hot summer day.
And really, I don't know if summer would be quite the same if they didn't.
Stay cool and comfortable as those summer temps rise!
Blessings, Julie

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Father of the Fatherless

Today is my dad's birthday.
I don't know how old he is...I just remember that it's the third of July.


I really don't remember him, though.
He never really cared about me or my sister and brother.
People have tried to convince me that he did, but the plain and simple truth is that he didn't.


He remarried when I was five and didn't even tell his new wife that he had been married before or that we, his children, even existed.
She found out through an insurance claim.
Child support was never paid, we lived in poverty due also to my mother being mentally ill.


After my dad's wife found out his secret, they agreed not to tell their children about us.
The secret was kept for many years.


But my dad started feeling guilty after his mother died...our Granny (we actually called her that).
You see, no one contacted us and we found out through a friend seeing my grandmother's obituary in their local newspaper.


I don't blame the family for not letting us know, as my dad's wife can be volitale and they were hoping to avoid any confrontations.
Still, I believe that it was this event that triggered my dad to get in touch with me when I was in my late twenties.
We corresponded by letters than phone for several months.
In the beginning he kept our communicating from his wife, but she found out.
At first she was angered, "betrayed" she said, but then decided that it was okay and they would have to figure out a way to tell their sons about us and our dad's past.
One son was already grown, the other a child,...both were curious about us.
A trip was planned, teary hellos and hugs were expressed in the airport upon my arrival, it was all so touching...Oprah-worthy even.


But all was not resolved, more lies were created and what was supposed to be a process of healing became confusing and deceptive.
I believe that there can come a point in our lives where it is okay to step out of another's life.
My dad and I have not talked for nearly fourteen years.
It's okay...and...I have forgiven him.

Sing to God, sing praise to his name,
extol him who rides on the clouds-
his name is the LORD-
and rejoice before him.

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,
is God in his holy dwelling.
Psalm 68:4-5